Shutterstock: Your Number 1 Source for Royalty Free Music for Videos

Why do you need royalty free music for videos? There are three main reasons why you need music in film production.

  • It completes the meaning of a scenario. Take for instance videos with a person doing a doxology. To fully understand the choreography, your viewers need to hear music.
  • It adds something to the video. Imagine the Star Wars movie without the Main Title. Music adds something to the video that makes it stand out.
  • It also defines the tone. A war scene gives you a quick and urgent feeling when paired with some fast paced music. On the other hand, a gloomy piano tone takes you to another world.

The rights music will certainly do a lot of things for your videos. If edited well, it can help your video production in terms of viewer experience. To make sure that you do it right, you can outsource music from a stock agency, such as Shutterstock. Created in 2014, Shutterstock Music currently has millions of royalty free music for videos. You will never get stuck for choice – whatever it is you are looking for. Available more information here.

Choosing the right music comes down to personal choice and what you want to relay to your viewers. However, you still need to consider the following:

  • Make sure the mood of your music matches the mood of your video. Pick the right style and genre.
  • Make sure that your vocals, if you have one, fit the track and can be easily edited.
  • Make sure that the beginning and end of your music flows with the video.

Shutterstock music is suitable for commercial uses. You can add them to advertisements, movies and so much more. Two licenses are available, so you can use your downloads in any way you need to. The website has a great user interface and powerful search feature. You don’t have to waste so much time looking for the music that suits your project.